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February 23, 2021
ECON 221: Principles of MacroeconomicsState of the Economy Project
February 23, 2021

In Unit II, you were given several options of organizations to choose from, and you were asked to draft a response regarding
the organization’s goals. This is the basis for your rationale. Here is where you explain the organization and its financial
needs to the individuals tasked with approving your requested budget.
You should start on the spreadsheet template (linked below) and include the rationale, which you submitted for Unit II. Make
sure you reference and cite (in APA format) any demographic information you list, as well as any other information you have
used from your research. Even though it is a fictional organizational budget, you cannot make up the numbers.
This exercise is also an opportunity to determine the methods of obtaining revenue for the EMS organization serving as the
focus of your comprehensive budget project. Begin thinking critically about how your EMS organization will generate revenue
by listing the revenue line items on a budget sheet where you can calculate the total revenue for the budget. There are
several different methods of generating revenue, and the methods used can vary greatly for both non-profit organizations
and for-profit organizations.
Click here to download a template for the entire project, and insert details into the revenue section of your budget by
including each of the following:
Rationale for the budget in the Rationale section of the spreadsheet,
at least eight methods of generating revenue (insert the descriptions and reference citations),
the amount of each line item in the appropriate column,
the quantities for each line item, and
any references cited on the last page of the template.


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