Information Governance for Social Media
March 31, 2021
Comparing Efficacy Research And Program Evaluation -Peer Responses
March 31, 2021

Larger Significance Conclusion: Your essay could have a conclusion that integrates and synthesizes the main ideas of the paper and suggests a larger application or significance as related to the use of rhetoric. For example, how does this author’s use of rhetoric lead to additional benefits for the audience?
Final Implication Conclusion: Think about a final implication you can draw based on all the analysis prior to the conclusion. That is, consider what is implied or suggested by the totality of your analysis. For example, what might your analysis suggest in regard to the importance of understanding genre or context in relation to a rhetor’s message and audience?
The Hook and Return Conclusion: In a hook and return conclusion, the ending of the essay returns to something introduced in the opening hook or lead. If the opening hook of your essay is a vivid illustration, then your conclusion might return to the same illustration, but with some variation to illustrate the significance of the essay’s argument. This sense of return can give your essay a strong feeling of unity.
The Final Point Conclusion: Your conclusion may end with a final point that ties all the other ideas in the essay; it provides the reader with the sense that the entire essay has been leading up to this one final point.
The Inference Conclusion: your concluding paragraph may also draw an inference that has not previously been expressed. To draw such an inference is not to introduce a new idea, but to see the previous material in a fresh perspective.

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