GCU Spirituality Pluralism Scientism & Postmodernism Personal Worldview Paper
February 12, 2021
response 2 – Submit Your Homeworks
February 12, 2021

This only needs to be ONE paragraph. Do not make it long.
As discussed in the beginning of the course, risk is an inherent component of any business. Various operational failures have been covered that business are exposed to in their daily activities. These operational failures were categorized in four central areas: people risk, technological/system risk, process risk, and external events.
First PostFor your discussion, in one paragraph, consider the following questions and then express your opinion on the topics from your investigation:

Which risk seems to be the most persistent in the banking industry? Please convey the evidence you used to support your answer.
Do you believe that this risk can be completely eradicated? Why or why not?


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