Explain the events leading to and the results of the Cuban Missile Crisis
September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020

Risk to Nurse who don’t wear protective gear

Project description
The problem is when a nurse go into a patients room who is contact precautions due to MRSA or the like, and they don’t put on a gown or gloves or

mask or any PPE.

1. Describe the problem.
Briefly describe the scenario that indicates there is a problem
2. What data did you collect to verify a problem exists?
Briefly describe what data (objective, subjective, patient record, etc)
that verified a problem exists.
3. Define the problem statement.
Clearly and precisely state the exact problem.

1. Identify a theory base, and state the reasons that led you to believe the
problem is significant for intervention.
Physiological, Psychological, Ethical, Spiritual, Financial, Etc.
2 Which aspects of “caring” did you apply?
Use Roache’s concepts of “Caring”.
3. What assumptions (scientific & personal) did you make about the problem?
What did you assume (Personal & Scientific) about the problem

1. List three plausible interventions to correct the problem and explain why
each is a reasonable and valid intervention
Intervention #1
Intervention #2
Intervention #3

1. Analyze and evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of each intervention
Intervention #3, advantage, disadvantage Intervention #2, advantage, disadvantage Intervention #3, advantage, disadvantage
2. Which intervention did you select for implementation?
Support your rationale with the nursing literature you selected

1. Justify your decision based on a theoretical framework
Physiological, Psychological, Ethical, Spiritual, Financial, Etc.

1. Reflecting back on your intervention, would you have made the same
decision? Did you need more data?

G. Use of nursing literature( integrated into b, c, d, and/or e.)
Refer to the nursing literature in support your interventions

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