Week 5 – Online Library Exercise and Annotated Bibliography
April 8, 2021
• Explain each component of the transactional communication model.
April 8, 2021

Industrial Electronics
1 pt. for answer clarity. Was this answer clear, concise, and easy to understand?

1 pt. for effort. Was there an appropriate amount of thought and time put into the creation of this answer? That doesn’t necessarily mean a long answer. If a short response answers the question well, it is appropriate. If more detail is required to answer the question well, a longer answer is appropriate.
The remainder of the points will be awarded for answer accuracy, with multipart questions reflecting a higher potential point total.

On to the questions:

Chapter 6

What are the primary differences between discrete and analog sensors?
What is the basic principle of operation for an inductive proximity sensor?
What is the basic principle of operation for a capacitive proximity sensor?
Compare the maximum ranges for proximity and photoelectric sensors.
What are the three primary sensing modes available in photoelectric sensors?

Chapter 7

What is the difference between hydraulic and pneumatic actuators?
Explain the operation of a resistive temperature detector.
Explain the operation and construction of a thermocouple.
What is the primary advantage of a pyrometer over other temperature sensors?
Explain the operation of displacement flow sensors.
Explain the operation of the thermal mass flow sensor.

Chapter 9

How do you control the magnetic field strength of an electromagnet?
When is counter EMF produced in a motor?
How is rotational direction of a DC series motor controlled?
How is pulse width modulation used to control the speed of a motor?
Contrast dynamic braking, regenerative braking, and plugging as ways of stopping a DC motor.

Chapter 10

What is AC motor slip?
Why would an AC motor have a centrifugal start switch?
Why is the field generated by a three-phase motor stronger than the field produced by a single phase motor?

Chapter 11

Describe the operation of a Hall effect sensor.

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