Todd is a director and officer of United Sales, Inc. Todd makes a marketing decision that results in a dramatic decrease in profits for United and…
November 19, 2020
The dcf value of the firm using the fcff information above, a discount rate of 8%, and an expected terminal growth rate of 3.5%, is:
November 19, 2020

Select a word from your Ephesians passage that you deem to be of significance to the interpretation of the passage. Base your determination of “significance” on Duvall & Hays’ “Choose Your Words Carefully” section in Chapter 9. Using the steps outlined in Assignment 9-2, (steps 1-7) as a guide, do a complete word study of the word you have chosen. For instance, using your concordance, find the Greek word that translates the word you have chosen (step 1), write it out in transliterated form (step 2), make a list of the different ways this word is translated in the NIV or the version to which your concordance is keyed (step 3), locate the verses that correspond to each translation (step 4), etc. through step 7. If you have access to Verbrugge’s New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, you may complete Step 8, otherwise this step is optional.
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