Describe how net present value is used in the financial decision making process
February 19, 2021
It is known that the connecting rod AB exerts on the crank BC a 1.5 kN force directed down and to…
February 19, 2021

Read the case SixSigma3MCaseWeek3.pdf
Begin the written report with a summary of the critical operations or supply chain management issues in the case.
Prepare answers to case questions at the end of the case.
Identify any other operations or supply chain management issues found in the case.
Recommend alternative courses of action to resolve the issues identified. Focus primarily on issues related to chapter readings in this part (Introduction, Process, Quality, Capacity, Inventory)
Proofread your report and submit it for consideration.

Follow up question:
Identify any points where your analysis differs from that proposed in the Case Analysis. Justify your position based on operations and supply chain management concepts or different interpretation of facts in the case.

Or if all of your solutions and recommendations were in alignment with the Case Analysis, bring up other issues you found not addressed in the case questions or identified in the Case Analysis.

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