smithsonian american art museum question
March 14, 2021
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March 14, 2021

I went and took picture from Smithsonian American Art Museum. I want you to write the answers for the question and it should be one page. I will attach the picture below. No plagiarism.
Visit the National Gallery of Art or the Dumbarton Oaks Museum (Links to the websites below), select a work of art that appeals to you.
Part 1: museum:

1.Brouse the galleries for awhile and then choose an artwork that appeals to you.
2.What are your first impressions and why did you choose it? Be specific, for example, the subject, color, design, etc.
3.Copy the label information and take a photo. (See the museum label. This will tell you the artist, title, medium and date.)
4.What is the subject or what is going on? Portrait? Landscape? Religious scene?
5.Did you find out any information about the artwork from the museum label or the website? Make sure you cite you sources at the end of the document.

Address any other thoughts/opinions you have about the work.

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