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February 19, 2021
Illinois Family Law | Unified Papers
February 19, 2021

To continue thinking about career planning, please begin working on a five (5) year career timeline for yourself.  This horizontal timeline (see grading rubric and example below) will also be part of your final project in addition to the 2 Career Services Occupational Research Worksheets you should be working on already. This timeline should be a diagram only–you will not need to provide an additional narrative as this will be submitted as a part of your worksheets and video discussion (i.e., no written paragraph of extra explanation).  Though, you will need to label the milestones on the timeline with one phrase or sentence.
Instructions for the timeline:
1.  You may use any software to create the timeline (e.g. Powerpoint, Excel, etc), however, it must be able to be saved in a PDF format to be submitted with your final project (e.g. submitted to Turn it In within Canvas).
2.  The timeline needs to fit on one page.
3.  The timeline should span 5 years, starting with this current semester.
4.  You are asked to document on the timeline what you steps/actions you will need to do (and when) to achieve your stated career goals (please see examples below for help).
5.  Your timeline should mark calendar years and months, but some time frames will be approximations (e.g., after finishing a 2-year graduate program, you may know you will need to take board examinations, but you likely won’t know the exact dates, so a best guess estimate is fine–but do check to see if your examining board has dates already published first).
Again, you may use whatever software that you wish to create the timeline, but it should be able to be submitted as a PDF.
To give a few clarifying examples:

If you are a junior at USF and have the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year and the whole 2021-2022 academic year before you finish your undergraduate degree, you would mark these months as time for finishing your undergraduate degree. If you are envisioning attending PA school after graduating, as one example, then you will need to mark when you will be working on your PA school applications, etc. during your undergraduate years. If you would like to intern or volunteer to get healthcare experience during this time, mark when you plan to do that as well (you can have overlapping items).
If you will be graduating this year, you would begin with these remaining undergraduate months and then detail the steps and actions you will be taking for the “next step” in your career growth. If your chosen careers allows for immediate career entry after your undergraduate years, include notations for when you will begin your job hunt.

For many of you, your five year plan will take you through a graduate/professional degree program and into the workforce. Don’t forget to include rough estimates of when you will take certification/licensing exams and when you would need to submit your licensing to your state’s licensing boards.the timeline is an example on how to do it and lease choose nurse practitioner as my career


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