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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021


The purpose of this assignment is to
identify key stakeholders within your organization who are affected by, have
influence over, or have an interest in solving the problem you are attempting
to address with your action research project.

Stakeholder analysis requires you to
examine a number of variables in relation to each individual or group you have
identified. Use the “Stakeholder Analysis” spreadsheet to record the
results of the stakeholder analysis.

In the analysis, list titles and groups
of stakeholders. Do not list names of specific individuals. It is important to
note the role each stakeholder has in the problem and solving it. Determine
whether or not the individual or group has a negative, indifferent, positive,
or very positive predisposition about the problem.

Within the “Stakeholder
Analysis” spreadsheet is a tab labeled “Current-State Matrix.”
Study the terminology related to influence and support and think about how each
block describes the feelings a stakeholder may have about the problem and
proposed solution. For example, there may be a group or individual that has a
high degree of support in regard to solving the problem. If you know that
person or group also has a high level of influence in how the problem is
solved, it is important to think about how you will approach this person or
group in terms of seeking information and presenting potential solutions.
Taking time to rank the level of influence and support for each stakeholder is
critical as you proceed because it may have a large role in determining whether
or not specific problem solutions can be and are implemented.

Take the time necessary to conduct
research that will help you determine possible stakeholder reactions and issues
related to potential solutions. Think about the motivation, drivers, and
expectations of exchange for each stakeholder, the problem, and the proposed
solutions. Finally, consider the role of the stakeholder, including when the
stakeholder needs to be involved in the change effort, any stakeholder
management activities, and stakeholder deliverables and timelines. If a
stakeholder will ultimately end up having a designated role in implementing the
solution, the ability to articulate the role, scope, and timeframe will be of
utmost importance.

Complete the “Stakeholder
Analysis” spreadsheet and submit it to your instructor along with a
500-word summary of your findings. In the summary, discuss the following.

Summarize stakeholder attitudes about the identified
problem and support your summary with specific data from your collection
tool.Summarize stakeholder attitudes or experiences related
to previously implemented problem solutions and support your summary with
specific data from your collection tool.Summarize stakeholder ideas for potential solutions and
support your summary with specific data from your collection tool.Who are the stakeholders you will seek to act as
sponsors to support you in the implementation of a problem solution?
Provide specific reasons why these stakeholders are key to implementing a
solution.Who are the stakeholders that will likely be directly
affected by solving the problem? Provide specific ways these stakeholders
could be directly affected by solving the problem.Who are the stakeholders who could pose potential roadblocks
to solving the problem? Provide specific reasons why these stakeholders
could pose potential roadblocks and what those roadblocks could be.

This summary will be used as part of
the Business Proposal Presentation in Topic 7 and the Final Business Proposal
you submit in Topic 8

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