DeVry Cincinnati ACCT 212 Exam Guide
March 6, 2020
P4-23 Funding your retirement You plan to retire in exactly
March 6, 2020

In public opinion
surveys, Americans always favor privacy. Then they turn around and sell it
cheaply. Most vehemently oppose any suggestions of a national identification
system yet volunteer their telephone numbers and mothers’ maiden names and even—grudgingly
or not—their social security numbers to merchants bearing discounts or Web
services offering “membership” privileges. For most, the abstract notion of
privacy suggests a mystical, romantic cowboy-era set of freedoms. Yet in the
real world it boils down to matters of small convenience. Certainly where other
people’s privacy is concerned, we seem willing to lower our standards. We have
become a society with a cavernous appetite for news and gossip. Our era has
replaced the tacit, eyes-averted civility of an earlier time with exhibitionism
and prying. Even borderline public figures must get used to the nation’s eyes
in their bedrooms and pocketbooks. That’s not Big Brother watching us. It’s us.

Explain why you agree or disagree that Americans
seem willing to sell their own privacy cheaply while simultaneously craving
private information about one another..5pt;=””>.25in;=””>Describe what role you think technology has
played in these trends towards privacy.Describe how technology could be used that might
affect these trends.Discussion 2
1. Explain what is meant by Professor
Miller’s “the cruelest corruption of Darwin’s theories” in the Carrie
Buck story.

2. Identify “all” the stakeholders
in the Burlington Railroad scenario.

3. Describe the ethical issues involved
in the Burlington Railroad scenario.


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