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October 9, 2020
Suppose you wanted to hasten the transition from a depletable fossil fuel to solar energy.
October 9, 2020

-Use MatLab
ObjectiveGain experience in data analysis by applying the techniques you learned in this course.II. What to do?You are given an data le(ITEC2600 project data.xls), which contains the grades of ITEC2600for the past fours terms: 2016fall(sheet 1), 2016summer(sheet 2), 2016winter(sheet 3) and2015fall(sheet 4). The rst column is the student ID, then follows three assignments, midtermand nal.(a) The nal mark for each student is calculated according to the following rules: Each assign-ment is worth 5%, midterm is worth 40% and nal is worth 45%, and the nal letter gradeis calculated according to the link given below: Report minimum, maximum, median, mean and standard deviation based on the nalmarks for each term, and compare them for all four terms graphically.(e.g., use the tech-niques in chapter 11)(c) Report the grade distribution based on the letter grade, i.e., the groups based on theletter grade, and make comparison for all four term graphically. (e.g., use the techniquesin chapter 11)(d) Can you nd a curve/math function can best t the grade distribution for each term? ifso, plot the curves/math functions for all the terms and illustrate them in one gure.ITEC2600 Project York University(e) Report the pass rates for all four terms.(f) Write a menu driven program to illustrate above analysis on grades for four terms.Do not modify the data.III. What to submit?(a) A documentation which gives a simple introduction to your program.(b) All your programs/functions/script les.IV. How will you be graded?(a) Correctness of your program.(b) Realization of your program, i.e., your design of menu.(c) Clarity of your program(your comments/your documentations)
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