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November 19, 2020
Discussion Topic/ A new director decides to reorganize the department you work in
November 19, 2020

What important aspects of primary socialization did Genie lack? What should have she learned during this time period?
Which agents of socialization did Genie miss out on and what were the consequences?
How did Genie develop her identity?

Response: As soon as I began to watch this video, I knew exactly what the story was because I had seen a video on Genie before. It is absolutely heartbreaking to find out the way that she lived her life for 13 years…kept in a dark room trapped by chicken wire and always strapped down to something with little to no human connection. Once Genie’s mother finally came clean about Genie, everyone went to her rescue. Growing up the way she did, Genie never really had a chance to “develop her identity” because she was locked away the entire time. This is why developmental psychologists were brought in along with multiple other professionals to try and help this girl. They started introducing her to the world as you would an infant. They tried to help her as much as they possibly could, but science proved that there was no way for her brain to fully connect and develop everything due to the state that she was in. Essentially she developed her identity through the help of scientists working with her, but it was not her full identity, she would never have the chance for that. No one would take Genie into their family so when she turned 18, she ended up back with her mother who eventually decided she could not cope with her being their. From then on, Genie was a ward of the state with no chance to every fully grow and develop with a true personality. Now, she lives in an adult home where she will remain for the rest of her life.
4.What was Genie’s sense of self (according to Mead)?

Need a response post to the answer provided for number 3 , and initial response posts for the other 3 questions (just a paragraph or so)
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