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August 19, 2020
The purpose of this assignment is to use nursing theory as a way to resolve a problem or issue occurring within nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics, health policy, or advance clinical practice. COURSE OUTCOMES
August 19, 2020

Please write a summary to summarize A Doll’s House and a summary to summarize Othello. 100 to 150 words each summary, or a little greater than 150. The total words should be more than 250 words. The summary can be used in an essay which discuss the characters. The requirement of the essay is in the following:

Both A Doll’s House and Othello focus on characters who use questionable judgment. Nora abandons her family for what some readers would call selfish motivations, and Othello commits murder after becoming jealous of Desdemona. However, based on the way the two plays were written, readers are meant to sympathize with both Nora and Othello, at least on some level. Write an essay in which you either defend or condemn the actions of these two characters. Have the authors made these characters likable enough to excuse their actions?

The summary need to focus on the two characters’ behavior, and be related to the opinions in the essay from the file.


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