From the e-Activity, recommend at least three best practices the company you researched could adopt for protecting information vital to its…
October 9, 2020
What are the potential common causes of variation that would have an impact on the key processes of health-care organizations?
October 9, 2020

“Tax Deferral” Please respond to the following:

You are a CPA who specializes in offshore tax arrangements. A client has engaged you to develop a strategy she can use to invest abroad and defer her income from U.S. taxes. Suggest a strategy for deferring taxable income. Support your recommendation with examples. 

You have been hired by an underworld client to establish a tax haven overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes, and avoid IRS scrutiny. Evaluate tax havens and construct a scheme that your client can use to establish a tax haven abroad and avoid IRS scrutiny. Support your scheme with examples.

Please make sure that each bullet points & solutions is together and that the solutions is in great details. Thanks!


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