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October 9, 2020
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October 9, 2020

(TCO 2) PeopleSoft recorded capitalized software amortization, included in Cost of license fees in the accompanying consolidated statements of operations, of $36.8 million in 2003, $14.4 million in 2002 and $6.5 million in 2001.PeopleSoft accounts for the development cost of software intended for sale in accordance with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 86, Accounting for Costs of Computer Software to be Sold, Leased, or Otherwise Marketed, (SFAS 86). SFAS 86 requires product development costs to be charged to expense as incurred until technological feasibility is attained. Technological feasibility is attained when the Company s software has completed system testing and has been determined viable for its intended use. The time between the attainment of technological feasibility and completion of software development has been short with immaterial amounts of development costs incurred during this period. Accordingly, the Company did not capitalize material amounts of development costs in 2003 or 2002, other than product development costs acquired through business combinations or purchased from third parties. The Company capitalizes software acquired through technology purchases and business combinations if the related software under development has reached technological feasibility or if there are alternative future uses for the software.Describe how software companies like PeopleSoft treat software development costs differently from the typical GAAP treatment of research and development costs in other industries. Why is this the case? (Points: 25)2. (TCO 4) Notsofast Inc. acquired land for $500,000 on 7/1/08. It erroneously recorded the full amount as an expense. Briefly Explain what Notsofast must do when it discovers the error in 2009. (Points: 25)3. (TCO 5) Many corporations own more than 50% of the voting stock in other corporations. Sometimes these affiliated companies operate within the same industry, and many times the companies are in unrelated industries.What is the significance of owning more than 50% of the voting common stock of another company? (Points: 25)4. (TCO 6) Texon Oil is being sued for price fixing and environmental damage. The litigation started this year and is expected to last five years. There is no doubt that Texon is guilty but the settlement cost will be between $3 billion and $22 billion. Briefly explain how Texon would address this in its current year financial statements. (Points: 25)5. (TCO 7) A zero-coupon bond pays no interest. Explain. (Points: 25)6. (TCO 8) In its 2009 annual report to shareholders, Douglas-Roberts International Corporation disclosed the following:In 2009, the company entered into three sale-leaseback arrangements with various financial institutions. Under the first arrangement, truck cab assembly machinery with a net book value of $58 million, was sold for $60 million and leased back under an 8-year operating lease agreement. Under the second arrangement, tooling and related engine manufacturing equipment with a net book value of $261 million, was sold for $260 million and leased back under an 11.5-year operating lease agreement. The third arrangement consisted of additional engine manufacturing equipment with a net book value of $62 million that was sold for $65 million and leased back under a 10-year operating lease agreement. The gain on these transactions was deferred and is being amortized over the terms of the lease agreements.Discuss the most likely reasons for these three transactions, and explain the basis for the last sentence of the disclosure. (Points: 25)
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