Write a paper (1,250-1,750 words) describing the approach to care of cancer. In addition, include the following in your paper:Describe at least three complications of cancer, the side effects of treatment, and methods to lessen physical and psychological effects.
September 16, 2020
Compare and contrast the main different types of budgets that practice managers use. Propose your strategy of selecting the key staff members, and specify their main roles and responsibilities. Support your selections.
September 16, 2020

They were having trouble making their mortgage payment, and were in danger of losing their home to foreclosure.

Then Bruno was contacted by a recruiter about a job managing the R & D department at Cloudy, Inc. Cloudy was a manufacturer of cleaning products which Bruno knew to be harmful to the environment, but he was told that he was being hired to do research into making less toxic products. He took the job, which paid much more than his old job and included many benefits.

Bruno’s wife was able to quit both of her jobs and the family was finally financially stable. Things were going very well until Bruno discovered that his company was not really interested in making safer products. As a matter of fact, they continued to market harmful products, while advertising that they were “always trying to improve”. The products were very popular with the public, because they were effective and less expensive than safer products.

Bruno went to the management of Cloudy to discuss his findings, but he was told to mind his own business. He was also reminded that he had signed a confidentiality agreement so that he was not allowed to tell the public about what he discovered.

Bruno does not want to work for a company that is lying to the public. He wants to expose their dishonesty in hopes that they will stop it. But he needs the job, and he did sign the confidentiality agreement.

If Bruno were a Utilitarian,

Would he stay or quit?

Would he make his findings public or stay quiet?

If Bruno were a Deontologist (Kant),

Would he stay or quit?

Would he make his findings public or stay quiet?

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