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March 7, 2020
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March 7, 2020

The arts and culture editor at The Columbus Dispatch has invited you, as an OSU student, to write an op-ed article for their website about the recent exhibition Object/Set: Gauri Gill’s Acts of Appearance that has just closed at the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA). The editor at the Dispatch has asked you to focus on the significance of the artist for the documenta 14 exhibition and its main themes and how these themes translate to the context of the CMA as part of the art scene in Columbus, Ohio, specifically in terms of your perspective as a student. They also ask that you illustrate your article with a selection of photographs from the exhibition.

Writing Assignment #2 (Op-Ed) is worth 15% of your total class grade. You will be given a percentage grade for the assignment based on the following breakdown:

Research (15%)

On Gauri Gill, her biography, career, other works, historical and cultural context, significant themes (5%)
On previous installation of her work at documenta 14 (5%)
On the CMA and its place in the art scene of Columbus, Ohio (5%)

Writing (70%)

Structure (10%) – your wall-text must include 4 components:
Description of the installation (3%)
Contexualization of the installation within documenta 14 and CMA/Columbus art scene (4%)
Personal position and angle as an OSU student (3%)

Content (30%) – your op-ed is evaluated for content, specifically how you engage with Gauri Gill’s work and incorporate your research and perspective across the 3 components:
Description (9%) – based on close-looking, write what you see, not only of individual photographs but the installation as a whole
Contextualization (12%) based on your research on document 14 and CMA in Columbus art scene
Personal Position/Angle (9%) – that runs through the whole op-ed

Use of Writing Tools (25%) – your wall-text must show your use of writing tools learned in class (from the Williams reading) across the 3 components.
Drafts 1 and 2: Final Tips First (No Fear, No Internet; Read Aloud, Make Drafts, Know and Define your Audience; Persuasion), Getting Started (Remember the First Time; Three Questions: What is it? What might it mean? Why does it matter to the world at large?); Rules of Grammar (& when to break them); Substantiation (Use Factual and Historical Evidence; Beware of Unsubstantiated Waffle; Extract Visual Evidence, Pay Attention, Follow Your Thinking, Avoid Faulty Cause and Effect) = 20%
Draft 3: Practical ‘How-to’s, part 1 (Be Specific, Flesh Out Descriptions, Keep Artwork in front of you, Avoid abstract ideas – especially when explaining abstract ideas!), Keep abstract word count low, Use Solid Nouns). = 5%

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