Assignment 1: Health Care Human Resources Management
March 31, 2021
LGBT Concerns
March 31, 2021

I have uploaded the writing request in text format and uploaded the pdf version of the novel.
Write one essay response to one of the following questions.

How does Brecht explore the corruption of society and the brutality of humanity? To what ends?
Describe the thin (or even non-existent) line between the lawful and the unlawful in the play, and the possible reason(s) why this is so.
How does the play dramatize the struggle between the demands of self-interest and the duties of love? To what ends?
How does the play explore (and satirize) such themes as morality, immorality, and amorality? Likewise, in what ways are moral righteousness, moral arbitrariness, and moral ambiguity prominent in the play? To what ends?
As a Marxist, Brecht was highly critical not only of the modern world but of the middle-classes and of the capitalist system more widely. How are the flaws and crookedness of capitalist society explored in the play? To what ends?
As a dramatist, Brecht was heavily intrigued by the dramatic (and political) possibilities of exploiting irony on the stage. Discuss.

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