Business Plan
March 7, 2020
Value of the APN Model
March 7, 2020

answer each with one paragraph

  1. What are the differences between the Prime Minister in England and the US President? What are the differences between Parliament and the US Congress?
  2. Who serves in the White House Office, Executive Office and the Cabinet and what is their role?
  3. Where do US Presidents come from? What offices did they hold prior? Give two of the most popular and an example of a President who came from one of them.
  4. What are the three branches of government? Name three checks on power that one branch can use on another.  (Not all have to come from the same branch)
  5. Give two reasons that incumbents in Congress usually have an advantage.
  6. List three differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Only one of the differences may concern term length or the number of members in each body. You should look at the differences in rules, organization and their processes.


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