Process analysis why the Clinical Nurse Specialist role is a concept in evolutions and address ethical decision making
October 17, 2020
Why is it difficult to identify the type of conditioning procedure that produces the “best” conditioning?
October 17, 2020

Investigate and evaluate your own family history of genetic diseases, as well as known risk factors that may predispose you to specific diseases. Then compile a list of preventative measures  which can decrease your risks for certain diseases and share with your classmates. (within my family we have had heart disease, diabetes, and cancer), I smoke, and I’m obese). 2nd discussion paper–List predisposing factors for disease based on your own family history and describe what the effect is when some of the factors are combined. Each of these factors alone creates unique risks for illness. In combination, risks become more than cumulative. The whole is greater than just the sum of the parts. For example, patients with a family history of diabetes are at greater risk for other health issues if they also smoke, are obese and have a inactive lifestyle. In your discussion divide the factors by Changeable factors and Non-changeable factors for developing specific illness cannot be altered? List a few diseases that are more common in men than in women. My dad had several heart attacks, my sister had cancer, and my grandparents on my mother’s side had diabetes, but they both lived into there 90’s.


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