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November 19, 2020
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November 19, 2020

This physics question has to be done by computer programming. Could you help me to write the code to solve this?

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3. This is a computational problem. Analytics may be useful in evaluating the accuracy of someparts (and is explicitly requested for one subpart). For some of you, this may be your firstmajor physics coding task — my door is open (at least figuratively). A 100 kg object is dropped at rest from a stratosphere balloon at an altitude of z = 30 km,i.e., a height of 30 km above Earth’s surface. Assume that the atmosphere’s gas is stationary (i.e., no wind). Ignore the effects of Earth’s rotation (e.g., Coriolis). Write a computer program (in any language you wish, but I suggest python) that can solvethe following problems using an Euler integrator. You must write the Euler integrator (i.e.,don’t just call a numpy or matlab integrator). You must submit working code and the source,as well as a brief description how to run the code. (a) Analytically calculate the duration of the object’s fall from the release of the object untilground impact (accurate to 1 3), given no air resistance and a constant gravitationalacceleration —g = —9.8 m 3‘2 (take the negative sign to mean toward the ground). Alsodetermine the speed of the object at the time of impact. For the same conditions as above, using your Euler integrator, numerically determinethe fall duration (accurate to 1 s). What is the largest time step that your integratorcan use and still accurately determine the fall time to 1 s and the speed to 1%? Note:you may need an interpolation for the last step to ensure z = 0. Using your Euler integrator, numerically determine the fall duration (accurate to 1 3)given the same constant 9, but now with a force of air resistance given by 17(0) = -bv|v|, where b = 0.5 kg s‘1 is taken to be constant. Also determine the impact speed asconverged to 1% accuracy. Using your Euler integrator, numerically determine the fall duration (accurate to 1 s),given that b now scales with atmospheric density: b = 0.5exp(—Z/H) kg s‘l,.button {
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