GENE201 Excelsior College Autosomal DNA Ethnicity Predictions Discussion
October 17, 2020
Explaining Health ReformQuestions About the Temporary High Risk Pool
October 17, 2020

For this discussion, find THREE covalently bonded molecules that has a particular shape (DO NOT DO METHANE).
Post the following information for each one:

Name of the molecule
Chemical Formula
Empirical Formula
Embed an image of the structure
Shape of the molecule around the central atom, or choose an atom to demonstrate the shape
Use the VSEPR chart to explain (i.e. is the central atom X2E2?)
Provide the full electron configuration for the central atom. If your molecule doesn’t seem to have a central atom, pick one that has a few atoms bonded to it.
Provide the full electron configuration for an atom bonded to the central atom and comment on which electrons are bonding (between the central atom & this atom)

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