Psy 203-1
August 20, 2020
Assignment 1: Outlining a Logic Model
August 20, 2020

For this discussion, find THREE covalently bonded molecules that has a particular shape (DO NOT DO METHANE).

Post the following information for each one:

  • Name of the molecule
  • Chemical Formula
  • Empirical Formula
  • Embed an image of the structure
  • Shape of the molecule around the central atom, or choose an atom to demonstrate the shape
  • Use the VSEPR chart to explain (i.e. is the central atom X2E2?)
  • Provide the full electron configuration for the central atom. If your molecule doesn’t seem to have a central atom, pick one that has a few atoms bonded to it.
  • Provide the full electron configuration for an atom bonded to the central atom and comment on which electrons are bonding (between the central atom & this atom)


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