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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Type a minimum three –to- four pagesreporton oceanographic topic of your choice.
Your summary should be written in your OWN WORDS.
1. When writing your summary include the following required information:
• Paragraph 1 (Introduction) should introduce the title (in quotation marks) of the article(s), the specific topic or main idea the article discusses.
• Paragraph 2-3 (Body) should summarize the important information from the article(s) and answer who, what, when, where, how, and why.
• Paragraph 4 (Conclusion) should state and discuss the importance of the article(s) to society and one relevant question that you may have about the topic that was not answered in the reading.
• Key Word and Terms: As you read the article, identify and highlight at least 5 scientific terms that are directly related to the topic. List and define these at the bottom of your paper.
2. Staple the original article or print the article from the Internet. Then write the source of the article in the upper right hand corner following the MLA Citation Style Format:
Newspaper or Magazine Article
Author. “Article Title.” Name of Newspaper Date of Publication: page number.
Hill, Craig. “Volcanic Activity.” The Providence Journal 6 Aug. 2006: 16
Author. “Article Title.” Name of Website Date of publication. Date accessed
< URL>.
Sohn, E. “Dead Star Exploding.” Science News for Kids 9 Aug. 2006. 2 Sept. 2006
3. Attach the article to your summary. Make sure you have the original/print article.
4. Spelling and punctuation do count and may lower the grade you receive. Make certain to fill out and follow the attached rubric and staple this to your paper as well.


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