If the Constitution was written today, given what we now know about science and technology, particularly chemistry (and even more specifically biochemistry and molecular biology), what do you think it would include/not include, and why?
April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Presentation Scenarios
Learning and Memory
Scenario One
Your psychological consuApril 8, 2021

Times NewRoman size 12 font, double-spacedPROMPT: Please choose ONE of the following two questions to answer in your essay.1.) Connolly argues that the way to counter “aspirational fascism” is a democratic pluralism thatis based on “a cultural ethos of egalitarianism.” How feasible is the creation of this cultural ethosin the United States? Explain Connolly’s reasoning for how the Left in the United States canaddress the grievances of the white working class in a way that acknowledges their struggles butalso works to break down oppressive systems of white supremacy.OR2.) What changed in the 2020 election that did not allow Donald Trump to win by the“aspirational fascism” that Connolly described for the 2016 election?REQUIREMENTS: Your essay must incorporate your summary and analysis of at least 6 – 8sources that have not been assigned as readings in this course. Please do not just repeat what thesources say – go deeper and tell us what you think about them and why.
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