discussion question capstone
August 20, 2020
(z)-1,3,5-tribromo-2-pentene how does the structure look?
August 20, 2020

Respond to the following prompts with 250 words each (500 words total). Be concise. Responses that are 50 words more or less than the target of 500 words may be marked down. Responses will be evaluated for their demonstrations of fluency with course concepts and for the clarity of the writing.

1) Marlon Riggs’s Color Adjustment superimposes the words “positive stories can be equally negative” over a clip from Roots. Provide an interpretation of this quotation, using an example of any program discussed in Color Adjustment.

2) According to Torres, what are the limitations of stereotype critiques when it comes to contemporary television? In other words, what issues are critiques of stereotypes on contemporary television programs like Makeover: Home Edition not able to address? You are not required to quote Torres, but, if your response quotes, paraphrases, or otherwise refers to her essay, include a Chicago-style footnote.


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