What are the sustainable growth rates for your subject company over the period that you studied
February 19, 2021
People of the Egyptian Heritage. People of the Filipino Heritage.
February 19, 2021

Select a product that you might want to purchase in the future (not a consumable but instead more of a larger ticket item).
Examine the methods of online marketing versus those of traditional marketing of that product.
1. Which website provides the lowest price? How does this compare to the typical local retailer price?
2. Which website provides the most information about the product, use, features, benefits, and other differentiating
information? Explain.
3. Compare the promotional methods used online to the more traditional methods used by those same companies.
4. How has Internet buying affected brand management and overall brand equity of a company? What impact will
this have long term on both the Internet seller as well as the brick and mortar seller?
Your response should be a minimum of TWO pages in length, double-spaced. References should include your textbook,
websites, and other credible references. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and
quoted material must have accompanying citations, and cited per APA guidelines.The post Unit V Web Assignment first appeared on Unified Papers.Unit V Web Assignment was first posted on February 19, 2021 at 3:28 am.©2019 "Unified Papers". Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at support@payfordissertation.com


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