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August 19, 2020
August 19, 2020

 Nursing homework help

Use data form and information to answer the  questions in the first attachment, and the second attachment is the steps of instructions for the project.

Here is the website of ChooseMyPlate:




KINE 205 Nutrition Assessment


· Use data form and information to answer the following questions.

· Be specific and detailed in your answers!

· Attach this discussion to your 3 reports from and upload all documents.

1. Using your reports and information identify 3 specifics ways that your diet could be improved. (highlight each area of concern on your analysis and list here)

2. What are 2 specific changes you can make in your nutritional intake to improve your diet? These should be specific to the things you listed in question #1.

3. How would these changes impact your health?

4. Using the SMART goal format, create a behavior change goal to help you accomplish these nutritional changes.

5. What did you learn about your diet from tracking your intake with


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