Final Project (Follow-on) – Lion Essays
October 9, 2020
Identify and discuss current factors that effect the health care delivery system in the United States
October 9, 2020

Phase 2 …. Deliverable Length: 800–1,000 words   plus references

Understanding how to properly value a vanilla bond (a plain bond) is essential for finance. Using the following  find 3 different funding structures. Describe for each structure: security type, term, and yield. Furthermore, take a look at each of their offering documents, and provide a short description of the information found in the documentation.
Why do the different types of bonds get different rates? Explain your answer. What makes each of the different structures different? Explain your answer. What does the rate given say about the credit rating for each issuer? Explain your answer. How does credit rating affect the rate given to the issuer? Explain your answer. Which structure has the best credit rating based on the yield given to each structure? Explain your answer. What is the credit rating supposed to tell you? Explain your answer. Which bond is receiving the best price? Explain your answer. Why does having a good credit rating matter to the issuer? Explain your answer.


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