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April 8, 2021
Cross claims Among Defendants, law homework help
April 8, 2021

W5 Assignment “Teamwork”



Teamsand teamwork are impacted by the growth of a company to international stature.

Select a foreign company that has come to the US (not the other way around!), describe how employees communicate between subsidiaries, how do they handle the time differences?

How are meetings conducted? How much travel is involved for team members?

If you were a leader in this foreign company, how would you persuade American workers to participate? Would you have trouble evaluating their performance?

Createan audio or video recording that is 3-5 minutes in length explaining yourthoughts on this topic.

Alsoprovide an outline of your recording complete with 3-4 references. Onereference must be from the text and you may not use Wikipedia or a dictionaryweb site.

Torecord audio here are three suggestions:

1. Use a voice recorder app on your smartphone and transfer file toyour computer

2. Install free, open source application Audacity for PC or Mac (link here)

3. Use the internal microphone of your laptop and Sound Recorder toolfound in the Accessories menu of most versions of Windows

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