February 24, 2021
Final Paper – Formal Proposal
February 24, 2021

Week One Reflective Journal The Council for Exceptional Children(CEC) is the largest international professional organizationdedicated to improving the educational success of individuals withdisabilities and/or gifts and talents. CEC advocates forappropriate governmental policies sets professional standardsprovides professional development defends the rights ofindividuals with exceptionalities and helps professionals obtainconditions and resources necessary for effective professionalpractice (Council for Exceptional Children 2011). As such theyhave established professional standards for teachers working in thefield of special education. This course is strongly aligned withand focused specifically on developing knowledge and skills ofStandard 5: Instructional Planning and Strategies (see below). InWeek One of this course the journal prompt asks you to reflect onyour own professional progress in this area of expertise in workingwith students with disabilities.CEC Initial Preparation Standard 5: Beginning special educationprofessionals select adapt and use a repertoire of evidence-basedinstructional strategies to advance learning of individuals withexceptionalities.Key elements you will focus on:5.1: Beginning special education professionals consider anindividuals abilities interests learning environments andcultural and linguistic factors in the selection development andadaptation of learning experiences for individuals withexceptionalities. 5.2: Beginning special education professionalsuse technologies to support instructional assessment planning anddelivery for students with exceptionalities. In each reflectivejournal respond to all of the following prompts:Discuss your prior beliefs about teaching students withdisabilities. How have the readings discussions and theassignment altered or informed your current beliefs knowledge andskills related to planning instruction for students withdisabilities? After reviewing CEC Standard 5 and its two keyelements discuss three areas you would like to improve uponprofessionally during this course. Based on your experiencecurrent role in education and/or future role in education howmight you apply these concepts to plan effective instruction forstudents with disabilities? Journal Options: Based on your learningstyle and preferences you have various options for creating thetwo reflective journals in this course. Choose one option from thechart below to complete your journal during Week One. Regardless ofthe format you must thoroughly address each of the three requiredprompts.Learning Style:IntrapersonalLinguisticInterpersonalJournal Options and Descriptions:Option 1: Written reflection journal.Option 2: If you started a blog in WordPress (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. or Blogger (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. for your introductionyou may continue using your blog with your journals in this course.Create and post your reflections in your blog and provide a linkfor your journal submission.Option 3: Video self-reflection using: YouTube (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. TeacherTube (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. Screenr (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. or other online videooptions. Please provide a link to your video for your journalsubmission.Option 4: Peer dialogue written reflection (where you discussthe questions above with a peer or colleague and write a reflectionbased on your discussion).Option 5: Talk to a peer or colleague via Skype (Links to anexternal site.)Links to an external site. and create a screencast(using Jing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.or any other screencast application) or video of your conversation(focused on the three required prompt topics). The peer orcolleague could be someone who teaches in another school ordistrict someone in this course that you have connected with oreven an international educator. Here are some ideas for how toconnect with other teachers outside of your area:ePals (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.TeacherTube (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.edWeb (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Skypein the Classroom (Links to an external site.)Links to an externalsite. English teachers around the world (Links to an externalsite.)Links to an external site. Or tap into your own ideas toconnect with other teachers! Please provide a link to your video orscreencast for your journal submission.U can just write it


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