Applications of the Scientific Method
October 9, 2020
Thesis Draft | The Nursing Tutors
October 9, 2020

What can teachers do to facilitate meaningful discourse among peers in the classroom? Provide an example of an experience a student may have outside the classroom that may help his or her peers understand a newly introduced concept.
Psychology of Learning for Instruction
Read Chapters 4 and 9.
Topic 4: Discussion Question 2 
Many students do not do any school or educational work during the summer. How can you, as a future teacher, provide summer activities and learning opportunities to help students stay engaged in learning throughout the summer? What educational opportunities motivate families to implement these throughout the summer? What are the advantages/disadvantages of staying engaged or not engaged in learning opportunities through the summer? 
15+ Readiness Resources for Driving Student Success
Read “15+ Readiness Resources for Driving Student Success,” by McCarthy, located on the Edutopia website. 
Mental Imagery and Visual Working Memory
Read “Mental Imagery and Visual Working Memory,” by Keogh and Pearson, from PLoS One (2011).


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