April 8, 2021
development throughout the lifespan 2
April 8, 2021

Write a formal APA paper addressing the points listed below. Appropriate Level 1 headings should be used throughout the paper to ensure all topics are addressed. Sample headings may include Patient Environment Health Nursing and Conclusion. The paper should be a maximum of three pages excluding the title page and reference page.1. Provide an introduction.2. Describe your personal philosophy of nursing using each of the four the metaparadigms in nursing:a. Patient: Describe what you believe about patients as human beings. This is not the place to describe what the nurse does to and/or for patients. Write an objective description.b. Environment: Describe what you believe is important in the environment of your patient. Write an objective description of the complex environment of patients and nurses.c. Health: What do you consider health to be? Discuss several views of health. Identify which concept of health is closest to your own viewpoint.d. Nursing: Describe what you believe about the profession of nursing.3. You may include information gained from the interview that either supports your philosophy or shows areas where nurses may disagree on the philosophy of nursing. Remember to keep your interviewee anonymous.4. Provide a conclusion by summarizing your discussion of your personal philosophy.


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