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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

What is my order talking about?The literature search yielded 30 intervention studies on diet and nutrition for people with learning disabilities. The intervention studies were categorised and critiqued according to the following three main themes identified by the author:1. Diet change/modification (4 studies).2. Individuals with learning disabilities and/or their supportive carers acquiring raised awareness/skills to change/modify their diet and nutritional intake (10 studies).3. Dietary vitamin, minerals, or fibre supplementation (7 studies).4. Specific LD conditions including (PKU 1 study), (Down syndrome 5 studies) and (Prader Willi syndrome 3 studies)In this section, you can find the questions that I need to answer from the 30 articles and write it down:1. What is the current evidence on dietary and nutritional interventions for people with learning disabilities?2. What are the strengths of these interventions in the published literature?3. What are the weaknesses of these interventions in the published literature?4. Can any gaps in be literature can be identified in the published literature, which this research study can begin to address?


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