what are the similar and difference bonding between metals and carbon based pi-systems such as alkenes and alkynes with those of carbenes (both
August 19, 2020
part 2 amp 3 assignments for a quantitavie study research project based on part 1 that you completed for me
August 19, 2020

Read document below and Write a one paragraph summary answering question below

How does citizenship change?

Here is an example of a summary: This one is without answering the question. Please Include answering the question.

Chapter 6 Civilian-Soldiers exposes the illusions versus the realities of war. The author details how in US society war was heavily glorified, for example, with citizens shaming and reporting alleged draft dodgers to the FBI. Additionally, there is a quote that summarizes the whole of disillusioned American society where an older, draft-ineligible man would be eager to fight for his country. The author then pivots to the realities of war, not specifically battles, but aspects leading up for draftees such as rigorous boot camp, hierarchal and racial segregation, and deteriorating soldier morale from combat. With this in mind, the narrative back home in the states still grew where this sentiment of pride in combat, almost idyllic, heavily misconstrued normal citizens beliefs back home and made the transition for GI’s returning from war back to civilian society even harder.


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